FedEx Field Seating Chart 2024: Washington Commanders Stadium - SeatGraph (2024)

Looking for the perfect seat at FedEx Field? Look no further than the comprehensive FedEx Field Seating Chart! With detailed information on every FedEx Field section and seat, you’ll be able to find the ideal spot to enjoy all the action.

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FedEx Field Seating Chart | Washington Commanders Stadium

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What are the different seating sections available at FedEx Field?

There are 5 different seating levels available at FedEx Field for the fans:

  • Lower Level i.e 100 and 200 level
  • Club Level or 300 level
  • Upper Level – 400 level
  • Loge Suites
  • Terrace Tables
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100 level seating – FedEx Field

100 Level at FedEx Field is the lowest level of seating and offers the best views of the field. Sections 101-142 are located on the sidelines, while sections 109-113 and 130-134 are located in the end zones.

FedEx Field 100 Level has 30 rows of seating in most sections, with the exception of the end zone sections which have 13 rows. Seats in the 100 Level are bit wider than seats in the upper levels, and offer a comfortable viewing experience.

200 level Seating at FedEx Field

200 level at FedEx Field is the second tier of seating in the stadium. It is located above the 100 level and below the 300 level. The 200 level has a total of 102 sections, each with 13-23 rows. The sections are numbered 201-242.

200 Level at FedExField offers a combination of the best and worst views for Commanders games and concerts.

The best views are in the first 8 rows of sideline sections, where seats are 30-40 rows from the field and offer a close-up view of the action. However, views from higher rows are obstructed by the club level overhang. At row 9, guests start to notice the overhang, and at row 11, it starts to obstruct views of the field. By row 14, views of the field are severely obstructed. We strongly advise against purchasing tickets in one of the obstructed rows.

Here are some additional tips for choosing seats on the 200 Level at FedEx Field:

  • For the best views, choose seats in the first 8 rows of sideline sections.
  • If you must sit in a higher row, choose seats in the middle of the section. Seats near the top of the section will have the most obstructed views.
  • Avoid seats in the end zones. The views from the end zones are not as good as the views from the sidelines.
  • If you are concerned about the sun, choose seats on the shady side of the stadium. The shady side is the west side of the stadium in the afternoon.

400 level Seating at FedEx Field

400 level is the highest level of seating at FedExField and offers the best value for tickets to Commanders games and other events.

Sideline sections on the 400 level have up to 30 rows of seats, so it is important to choose seats in the lower rows for the best views and easiest access to the concourse.

Corner and endzone sections in FedEx Field 400 level seating are smaller than sideline sections and offer good angles towards midfield and views of the videoboards.

Please notice that Standing Room Only sections are located at the top of 400 level endzone sections and offer dedicated spaces for guests with SRO tickets.

FedEx Field Standing Room Only Section

Standing Room Only (SRO) sections at FedEx Field are located behind the endzones on the highest tier of the stadium. Tickets in these sections do not include seats, but they do reserve your spot in a standing area that features a railing to lean on while watching the game.

There are four tiers in each SRO section, starting with Row 8 on the first tier, Rows 9-10 on the second tier, Rows 11-12 on the third tier, and Rows 13-14 on the fourth and highest tier.

Row 8 features only a single railing to lean against, while all other rows have a railing and a thin ledge for setting down food and beverages.

If you don’t mind standing, SRO sections are a great option for socializing during the game. You’ll be able to mingle with other fans and cheer on your team from a unique perspective.

Club level Seating at FedEx Field

Club Level at FedExField is a premium seating area located on the second level of the stadium. It offers fans a number of amenities, including:

  • Wide, unobstructed views of the field: Club Level seats are located above the lower bowl, so fans have a clear view of the field from any seat.
  • Access to a climate-controlled club lounge: The Club Lounge is a private area where fans can relax, eat, drink, and watch the game on TV. The lounge has a full bar, a variety of food options, and comfortable seating.
  • Early entry and exit: Club Level ticket holders get early entry to the stadium and can exit the stadium after the game before the general public. This can save fans time and hassle.
  • Complimentary food and beverage: Club Level ticket holders receive complimentary food and beverage service during the game. This includes a variety of snacks, drinks, and desserts.

Club Level tickets are typically more expensive than tickets in other areas of the stadium, but they offer a number of amenities that can make the game-day experience more enjoyable.

Loge Suites at FedExField

Loge Suites at FedExField offer a unique experience for fans who want to enjoy the game in a private setting with access to all the amenities of the stadium.

Each suite is located above the Club Level on the east or west end of the stadium and includes a private box with seating for up to 18 guests, a television, and a refrigerator. Guests can also enjoy the game from open-air seats in the stadium bowl.

In addition, loge suite tickets come with access to a climate-controlled lounge area with additional seating and a social atmosphere. This is a great place to grab a drink, relax, and socialize with other fans.

Here are some of the benefits of loge suites at FedEx Field:

  • Private seating with a television and refrigerator
  • Open-air seating with views of the game
  • Access to a climate-controlled lounge area
  • Complimentary food and beverages
  • Opportunity to network with other fans and business leaders

Terrace Tables Seating at FedEx Field

Terrace Tables are the newest addition to the FedExField Club Level. They are located at the top of select end zones and offer a private, elevated viewing experience. Each pair of tickets includes a private table and two comfortable swivel chairs. Guests also have access to the Club Level and its amenities, including food, drinks, and restrooms.

For Commanders games, Terrace Table ticketholders receive in-seat food service and complimentary beer and canned co*cktails. Terrace Tables are located in rows 10-14 of the end zones on the Club Level.

Terrace Tables seating has benefits like Private, elevated viewing experience, comfortable swivel chairs, access to the club Level amenities, in-seat food service and complimentary beer and canned co*cktails.

FedEx Field ADA Seating Details

There is ADA accessible seating available at FedEx Field. Accessible seating is located on all levels of the stadium. To access accessible seating, guests can use the elevators or escalators located throughout the stadium. There are also designated accessible entrances located at Gates A and E.

Here are some specific locations of accessible seating at FedEx Field:

  • Wheelchair Accessible Seating: Wheelchair accessible seating is located in designated areas on all levels of the stadium. These seats are wider than standard seats and have a clear path to the aisle.
  • Companion Seating: Companion seating is located next to wheelchair accessible seating. Companion seats are available for free to guests who are accompanying a person with a disability.
  • Accessible Parking: Accessible parking is available in designated areas near the stadium. To park in accessible parking, guests must have a valid state-issued disabled parking permit and/or license plate.

To purchase accessible seating or parking, fans can visit stadium’s website or contact the Washington Commanders ticket office at (301) 276-6050 or visit the stadium box office on game day.

Final Thoughts

FedEx Field Seating Chart is an essential tool for anyone looking to find their perfect seat at the stadium. With its comprehensive layout and detailed information on seating sections, levels, and amenities, users can easily navigate through available options to make an informed decision about their preferred seat. Whether you’re attending a football game or a concert, using the seating chart can help you get the most out of your experience at FedEx Field.

FedEx Field Seating Chart 2024: Washington Commanders Stadium - SeatGraph (2024)
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