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Tel: 5511 5505 9700
Fax: 5511 5505 2240

The MetLife companies have been operating in Brazil since 1999. We are a recognized leader in the local market, offering solutions such as life, dental, accident and health as well as retirement plans for individuals and groups. We have a diverse distribution platform including brokers, banks partners, direct marketing, affinity and professional agents. With a presence in 23 locations, we have a footprint in all major cities with 13,400 corporate clients, over 5 million customers and R$ 115 billion underwritten policies.

Tel: 56 2 28263000
Fax: 56 2 2826 3357

Present in Chile since 2001, the MetLife companies offer group and individual life and health insurance products, as well as retirement savings and mortgage products. We are number one in life and annuity premiums as of September 2012, and distribute products through an agency force, bank partners, direct marketing and brokers.


Tel: 01 8000 9 12200
Fax: (571) 638 82 99

Present in Colombia for more than 50 years, MetLife offers a broad portfolio of products for protection, savings and retirement. This includes individual, traditional and variable insurance as well as employee benefits, credit life, personal accident, pensions and annuities. MetLife has diverse distribution channels through professional agents, brokers, sponsors and direct marketing. We have offices in 6 main cities of the country, with more than 700 employees.

Tel: (593) 4 2887666
Fax: (593) 4 2887660

Facebook: Genesis/Administradora de Fondos

GENESIS is a ProVida AFP Chile Pension Fund Administrator, which in turn belongs to MetLife, a leading global provider of insurance, income and employee benefits programs with presence in more than 44 countries. As pioneers and leaders in the development and management of long-term funds in the country, we also offer short-term and medium-term funds, developed with technological support and within the high quality standards of the group to which we belong.

Tel: 53287000 México (Área Metropolitana)
01 800 00 METLIFE (Interior de la República)
Facebook: MetLife México
Twitter: @metlifemx

The first MetLife company in Latin America was established in Mexico in 1992, offering life insurance and retirement savings products to groups and individuals in the private market. With the acquisition of Aseguradora Hidalgo, S.A. in June of 2002, MetLife became a market leader in life insurance for government institutions in Mexico. With about 15% market share, we are presently the largest life insurer in Mexico, covering nearly 7.5 million customers (insurance) and 1.1 million customers (AFORE). We offer group and individual life insurance, medical expense insurance as well as retirement savings and investment products.

Tel: 1-800 MetLife (638 5433)
Facebook: MetLife
Twitter: @MetLife

Established in 1868, MetLife is the largest life insurer in the United States based on life insurance in force. The MetLife companies offer life insurance, annuities, auto and home insurance and other financial services to individuals. We also offer group insurance and retirement and savings products and services to corporations and other institutions.

Tel:+598 29033030
Fax:+598 29033035

Since 1997 the MetLife companies offer individual and group insurance products in order to provide the highest quality protection and savings solutions for millions of people.



Tel: 61300 555 625

The MetLife companies provide life, credit, disability and accident and health insurance solutions to groups and individuals through superannuation funds and direct marketing channels in Australia.

Tel: +8809666716344
Fax: +0088-02-9558682

With around 1 million customers, MetLife in Bangladesh has been operating since 1952, previously known as Alico. We started our full-service branch operations in Bangladesh in 1974 and have since been selling a range of individual and group insurance products. In 1997, MetLife became the life insurance market leader, a title the company holds through present day.

Tel: 8621 2310 3636
Fax: 8621 3330 2178

Tel: 8610 8518 0966
Fax: 8610 8518 9809

Sino-US United MetLife Insurance Company Limited (MetLife) was incorporated as a joint venture company formed by a subsidiary of MetLife, Inc. and Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd (SAIL). MetLife is committed to provide trusted and professional insurance solutions to consumers in China. We offer life and accident insurance as well as savings products to individuals in over twenty cities all over China through agents, bank partners and direct marketing channels.

SAIL is a state-owned investment company affiliated with Shanghai National Capital Bureau. By fully utilizing its resources and strengths, SAIL is focused on investment in financial services and high-tech industries. SAIL is committed to promoting industry innovation and development in Shanghai, as well as national growth.

PNB MetLife
Tel: 91-22-41790000

PNB MetLife is a joint venture between MetLife and PNB, one of India's oldest and leading nationalized banks. The vast distribution reach of PNB together with the global insurance expertise and product range of MetLife makes PNB MetLife a strong and trusted insurance provider in India. PNB MetLife offers a wide range of protection and retirement products to customers through a robust distribution network of financial advisors and multiple bank partners.

Tel: 813 6658 2000

MetLife started operations in 1973 as the first foreign life player in Japan. The company offers a broad range of products including life, accident and health and asset formation products to individual and institutional customers through diverse distribution channels such as career agents, independent agents, direct marketing and banks.

Tel : 1300 88 8800

AmMetLife is a strategic partnership between AMMB Holdings Berhad (AmBank Group) and MetLife International Holdings LLC (MetLife). AmMetLife offers a comprehensive range of life assurance and wealth protection solutions distributed through a combination of over 200 AmBank and AmMetLife branded branch offices, in addition to the strength of its authorized life insurance agents nationwide.

Tel: +977-1-5555166
Fax: +977-1-5555173

MetLife Alico started operations in 2002 and is the only foreign life insurance company with a branch in Nepal. The company offers a broad range of innovative life, accident and health, employee benefit and micro-credit insurance products to individuals and institutional customers through a highly trained professional agency force and bank partners.

Tel: 822 3469 9600
Fax: 822 3469 9700/1/2/3

MetLife in Korea was first established in 1989 as a joint venture, and MetLife acquired 100% of ownership in 1998. Today we offer life, accident and health insurance and retirement saving products to individuals and companies. We were the first insurer to provide the variable universal life product in the Korea market and continue to offer innovative solutions through a highly trained professional agency force and bank partners.

BIDV MetLife
Tel: 8462820808

BIDV MetLife Life Insurance LLC was established in July 2014 as a joint venture between MetLife and Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam. This partnership combines BIDV’s understanding of the local market and MetLife’s global financial and insurance expertise to develop one of the leading insurance providers in Vietnam.



Tel: 359 2 8186 200
Fax: 359 2 8186 201

Operating since 1999, MetLife is a leader in the Bulgarian life insurance market. We offer a wide variety of life insurance products, combining risk coverage and savings opportunities for individual costumers and tailor-made group employee benefits to fit the business needs of our corporate clients.

Tel: 00357 22 845 845
Fax: 00357 22 845 606

MetLife has been operating in Cyprus since 1955. We are the oldest life insurer and one of the leading companies in the Cypriot market, covering a large range of ages through individual and group insurance in the life, accident and health and pension plans sectors.

Tel: (00420) 227 111 111
Fax: (00420) 227 111 777

MetLife started its activities in the Czech market in October 1992. We offer a wide range of high-quality life, accident and group insurance products designed to meet our clients' needs.

Tel: 33 1 49 02 40 00
Contact us via the website:

The MetLife companies have been offering life insurance solutions in France for over 40 years. Today, we offer life, creditor, protection, personal accident and health, lifestyle insurance products to consumers, self-employed and companies, through direct marketing, brokerage and partnerships

Tel: 36 1 459 7500
Fax: 36 1459 7529

MetLife in Hungary was established in November 1990. Today we provide individual and group life insurance to over 260 companies and more than 100,000 individuals. We also offer accident and health products and services for private and corporate clients.

Established in 2002, Dublin is the functional hub for MetLife Europe Limited (MEL). MEL's head office is located here and through the EU's freedom of services we are permitted to operate as a "super carrier" with subsidiaries across Europe. MetLife has no consumer business in Ireland.

Tel: +39 06 492161
Fax: +39 06 492300

In Italy MetLife companies have been providing insurance solutions to consumers and enterprises since 1994. Today, thanks to our offer including creditor protection, employee benefits, life and health insurance, we protect more than 2 million customers. We serve our customers through a multi-channel distribution network formed of bancassurance partnerships, brokers, direct marketing and other affinity distributors.

Tel: +351 213 475 031
Fax: +351 213 474 612

MetLife was established in Portugal in 1985. We were the first international insurance company in the country. Over time the company has grown significantly and consolidated the business to provide more benefits to customers. Our lines of business include life, accident and health insurance, employee benefits, creditor protections and retirement plan savings products, with a leading position in personal accident. Our main strength lies in our agency, bancassurance, and direct marketing distribution channels.

MetLife TUnŻiR S.A. - Life Insurance
Tel: +48 22 523 5000
Fax: +48 22 533 5444

MetLife PTE SA - Pension Fund
Tel: +48 22 523 5070
Fax: +48 22 622 1666

MetLife TFI S.A. – Mutual Funds
Tel: +48 22 523 5710
Fax: +48 22 523 5711

MetLife was established in Poland in 1990. Our brand is well recognized and holds a strong position in the Polish market. We offer a wide range of life insurance products to more than five million individual and corporate customers, private pensions and investment funds.

Metropolitan Life:
Tel: +40 21 208 41 00
Fax: +40 21 208 41 01

Alico Societate de Administrare a unui Fond de Pensii Administrat Privat:
Tel: +40 21 208 44 44
Fax: +40 21 208 44 45

Alico Asigurari, Alico Pensii and Metropolitan Life Asigurari are companies affiliated with MetLife, Inc. – a global leader in insurance, pension plans and employee benefit programs. Alico Asigurari and Metropolitan Life Asigurari operate under the Metropolitan Life brand. We offer a diversified range of products such as life, health and personal accident insurance as well as privately administrated pensions, especially created to cater for customers' varied needs.

Tel: +421 2 59 363 111
Fax: +421 2 59 363 255

MetLife Amslico has been a leading life insurer in the Slovak market since 1995. Winner of the 2012 Insurance Company of the Year award from the leading, independent financial weekly, TREND, we are recognized as an expert in providing financial solutions for over 440,000 customers.

Tel: +34 902 550 366
Fax: +34917254453

The MetLife companies have been offering life insurance solutions in Spain since 1969. Today, we offer life, savings, accident and health insurance products through various distribution channels, such as agents, brokers, bancassurance and direct marketing.

Tel: 0-216-538-91-00
Fax: 0-216-538-94-94

MetLife was established in Turkey in 1988 and offers insurance products and services for both individuals and groups.

Tel: +380 44 494 13 43 / 44
Fax: +380 44 494 13 45

Operating in Ukraine since 2002, MetLife is a market leader, serving over 565,000 customers and offering a wide range of life insurance products for individual and corporate clients, including credit life and personal accident insurance, savings and investment.

For risk and protection solutions:
Tel: 44870 909 9458
Fax: 44870 010 7307

For retirement and savings solutions:
Tel: 44845 370 6040
Fax: 44845 370 6041

The MetLife companies offer creditor, personal accident and critical illness insurance products, as well as retirement and long-term savings solutions to consumers in the United Kingdom and other countries in the European Union.

Middle East and Africa


MetLife Bahrain
Gajria Tower, 3rd floor,
Building No. 452a, Road No. 1010,
Block 410, Sanabis,
P.O. Box 20281 Manama, Bahrain
Toll free 80008033
Tel: +973 17 556 608
Fax: +973 17 311 229

MetLife has been operating in Bahrain since 1961 and has been providing the residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain with a range of individual and group insurance products through agents, brokers, banks and direct channels.

Tel: +202 2 461 9020
Fax: +202 2 461 9022
E-mail (for claims):

MetLife was established in Egypt in 1997. We are the first life insurance company to enter the Egyptian market with a major shareholding by an international life insurance company. Throughout our history, we have continuously sought to nurture talent, respect local cultures and promote the diversity that characterizes the Egyptian society. We‘ve grown by understanding the needs at the heart of the community and by tailoring, through agents, banks, brokers and direct channels, our extensive product offering to the unique needs of individuals, families and businesses of all sizes.

Tel:962 6 593 0912
Fax: 962 6 593 0049

In 1958, MetLife opened its first branch office in Amman and thereby pioneered the issuance of life insurance products in Jordan. In 1996, MetLife expanded operations into PNA, becoming the only international insurer in both locations. Today, we are positioned as one of the leading providers of individual and group life, health, personal accident, and medical insurance products in both markets.

Salhia Complex,
Fahd Al Salem Street, Salhia area
Gate # 3, 1st floor,
P.O. Box 669, Safat 13007,
Kuwait city,
Tel: (965) 22089333
Tel: (965) 2 243 5113 / (965) 2 208 9350
Fax: (965) 2 244 5664 / (965) 2 208 9334

MetLife has been operating in Kuwait since 1954 and has been providing its residents with a range of individual and group insurance products through agents, brokers and direct channels.

Tel: 961 1 753 111
Fax: +961 1 756300

MetLife has been the leading life insurer in Lebanon since 1953 with a range of individual and group insurance products marketed through agents, brokers, and direct channels.

American Life Insurance Company (MetLife)
Dar Al Noor Building, Block No.233, Way No. 403
Building No.52, MSQ, Bausher,Office 405 & 406
P.O. Box: 894, PC114, Jibroo
Tel. (from Oman): 800 70708
Tel. (from outside Oman): (968) 2 477 0998
Fax: (968) 2 477 0901

MetLife has been operating in Oman since 1971 and has been providing the residents with a range of individual and group insurance products through agents, brokers, banks and direct channels.

Jaidah Square,
3rd Floor, Office 304A
Airport Road, Near HSBC main Branch.
Building # 63, Street 310
P.O. BOX 913
Doha- Qatar
Tel: + 974 444 05 444
Fax: + 974 444 05 445
Toll Free 8009711

MetLife has been operating in State of Qatar since 1962, offering a range of individual and group insurance products through agents, brokers, banks and direct channels.

Tel No: 00966115109300
Fax No: 00966115109398

New Century City Tower, 4th floor
Plot 129-187 Port Saeed, Deira
Tel: (from UAE) 800 6385433
Tel: (Outside UAE) +971 4 415 4555

MetLife arrived in the UAE in 1962 as the first company to be granted an insurance license – and has been providing the residents of the UAE with a range of individual and group Insurance products through agents, brokers, banks and direct channels.

MetLife Worldwide | Corporate Profile | Global locations (2024)
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