The complete guide to FedEx Field (2024)

The Washington Commanders’ new ownership group, led by Josh Harris, is in the market for a new stadium, but FedEx Field, which opened as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium in 1997, will remain the team’s home for at least the next few years. Ahead of the 2023 season, the Commanders announced a much-needed $40 million investment to spruce up the roughly 65,000-seat venue in Landover, which has long been considered the worst in the NFL. Whether you’re returning to the stadium for the first time in years or planning your first trip, here’s a guide to make the most of your experience until the Commanders find a new home — wherever and whenever that may be.

Getting there

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The cheapest way to get to FedEx Field is taking Metro’s Blue or Silver lines to Morgan Boulevard. From there, it’s about a mile walk past townhouses and apartments to the stadium, which is surrounded by parking lots. For night games, check out Metro’s trip-planning tool for information about when the last trains depart.



Parking passes may be purchased directly from the team or on secondary ticket market sites such as StubHub or SeatGeek. Each lot has a designated entrance. Fans wishing to tailgate are encouraged to use the RedZone Lot, which features wide parking spaces and opens one hour earlier than other lots. If you drive, allow plenty of time (read: more than you think) to get to the stadium and get home, as traffic on game days is often a nightmare. See here for more information about parking at FedEx Field. And here is everything you need to know about tailgating.

Ride-hailing services

Using Uber or Lyft is a potentially expensive option to get to a game. There’s a dedicated area for drop-offs and pickups in the RedZone Lot near Gate A. Fares often surge exponentially after games, when thousands of people request cars at the same time. (See this map for information about the ride-share lot.)

Bag policy

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The Commanders follow the NFL’s restrictive leaguewide bag policy. Small clutch bags not exceeding 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches, with or without a handle or strap, are permitted, as are one-gallon plastic freezer bags and clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags that do not exceed 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches. Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items.


Prohibited bags include purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, luggage of any kind, computer bags and camera bags, or any bag larger than the permissible size. Seat cushions with pockets, zippers, compartments or covers are also prohibited. More information about the bag policy is available on the Commanders’ website.

Gate information

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All seats are accessible via all gates. Most gates open two hours before kickoff, but Gates F and G, which provide access to Legends Plaza, open three hours before kickoff. Located just outside the main concourse at the east end of the stadium, Legends Plaza is an excellent alternative for fans who want to arrive early without tailgating. The large open space features picnic tables, a tent with additional seating, a rotating selection of food trucks and a stage for pregame programming, including live music.

Stop by Legends Plaza before a game and you’re apt to see Washington football legends mingling with fans; team sponsor activities, including games and giveaways; Commanders mascot Major Tuddy; and the Commanders marching band. After entering Legends Plaza, you can wander to the portion of the concourse overlooking the east end zone, check out the Sean Taylor memorial and watch player warm-ups. Domestic beers in Legends Plaza this season will be available for $6.75 until kickoff.

What you’re allowed to bring into FedEx Field

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Unlike at Nationals Park, outside food and beverages, including sealed water bottles, may not be brought into FedEx Field. Other prohibited items include audio and video recording equipment, cameras with detachable lenses greater than five inches, folding chairs, laser pointers, and Native American-inspired ceremonial headdresses or face paint.

Best food and concessions

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FedEx Field has introduced several new food vendors for the 2023 season. Check out Tim Carman’s guide to some of the best concessions.

Where to get a drink

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The beer sellers in the stands have competition this season: FedEx Field is following Nationals Park in introducing grab-and-go convenience stands around the concourse, which allow fans to pick oversize cans of Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Truly Hard Seltzer and other beverages from a refrigerated case before placing them on a self-checkout scanner. Just tap your credit card and go.


Splashy new additions to the club level come courtesy of a partnership with Sire Spirits, the drinks company owned by 50 Cent. Its Branson Cognac is now the team’s official cognac, and Le Chemin du Roi is the official champagne. The club level lounge has been rebranded the Branson Lounge and Gallery, and there’s a stand-alone 50 Yard Branson Bar on the club level concourse.

During 2023 preseason games, neither had a co*cktail menu — bartenders explained that they would be happy to make drinks from the shelves behind them, which included Branson and well-known brands such as Casamigos, Tito’s and Jack Daniels. (A “premium co*cktail” costs $15.) Other additions to stands include wines from McBride Sisters, the country’s largest Black-owned wine brand.

As mentioned above, domestic beers in Legends Plaza will be available for $6.75 until kickoff this season.

The best seats on the seating chart

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It’s a matter of preference — do you want to be close to the action, or a bit higher up? — but excellent views of the field are available at a variety of price points throughout the stadium. Prices can vary greatly by section and game, so it’s best to compare prices on secondary ticket market sites. Here’s a look at some of your seating options.


Lower level

Dream Seats

You can’t get any closer to the action than the field-level Dream Seats that run the length of both sidelines. The padded seats come with complimentary food and nonalcoholic beverages and access to the club level. Expect to pay at least $400 on the secondary market for a single Dream Seat ticket.

Section 101

You’ll be close to the 50-yard line on Washington’s side of the field, with easy access to the main concourse and a great view of all the action. Section 121 provides a similar view from the opposite side of the field, in case you’re in the mood to heckle the opposition. For day games, especially when temperatures are warmer earlier this season, note that you’re more likely to find shade on the home side of the stadium.

Section 132

Bring a sign (provided it’s in good taste and nonpolitical) to make it easier for your friends to spot you on TV in this section beyond the east end zone. The concourse behind this section leads to Legends Plaza.

Section 215

The corner sections at FedEx Field provide good views at slightly lower prices than a seat between the 30- and 50-yard lines will generally cost you. Be aware that some seats in these sections, especially in higher-numbered rows, feature limited or mostly obstructed views. Check out the indispensable before purchasing tickets.

Section 242

Here’s another midfield view from a higher vantage point that offers easy access to the main concourse. The price for a 200-level seat is often on par with its 100-level equivalent.

Pepsi Fan District

Located behind the west end zone, this space features a huge wraparound bar offering beer, spirits and Pepsi products, and roughly a dozen high-top tables. It also features limited room to stand and watch the game while overlooking the lower-level sections behind the end zone. The coveted space closest to the field, along a rail on which you can place food and drinks, is first come, first served. Be aware that even the tallest fan won’t have a clear view of the back of the end zone from here, but it’s a good spot to socialize while still paying at least some attention to the game.

Club level


The Joe Gibbs Club Level features all kinds of amenities, including air conditioning, which is probably a lot more noticeable to a reporter trekking around the stadium during a late-August preseason contest than it will be to fans at most home games this fall. Admission to the club level’s various bars, lounges and concession stands requires a club level ticket. For fans who want a break from the elements or just want to grab a bite to eat, there are comfortable chairs to watch the Commanders game inside or keep tabs on other teams throughout the league.

Section 301

This is the midfield club level view, and there’s a lot to like about it.

Upper level

The upper level is a hike if you take the ramp, but a short ride via escalator or elevator, and offers some of the stadium’s best views.

Section 409

In addition to having a great view of the field, a seat in Section 409 puts you close to the Commanders marching band, which sits above the scoreboard in the west end zone.

Section 440

The upper-level end zone view provides an excellent vantage point from which to watch plays develop at both ends of the field.

Where to make a bet

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Opened in January, the Fanatics Sportsbook was the first retail sportsbook located inside an NFL stadium. (The sportsbooks at State Farm Stadium in Arizona and MetLife Stadium in New Jersey are outside the actual stadiums.) The 5,000-square-foot space has an airy, airport lounge vibe, with low, boxy leather couches and armchairs; sports playing on more than three dozen large screens; a full bar with co*cktail and food menus; oh, and a line of 21 betting terminals, with odds flashing on screens overhead.


The sportsbook is adjacent to the team store on the main concourse, across from Sections 141-142, and opens at 11 a.m. Sundays for ticket holders 21 and older. You don’t have to place a wager to be admitted, so some fans might use the climate-controlled bar as a place to escape the heat or cold.

Of note: This is one of the few spots in the stadium with pints of beer for $7, including local crafts from Calvert Brewing.

Going with kids

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Children under age 3 get in free with a lap pass, which is available at all gates. Wrist bands on which you can write contact and seat information in the event your child gets separated from you during the game are available at all guest services locations (Sections 104, 124, 304, 324, 404 and 431). Family restrooms with baby-changing stations are located in the elevator towers at Gate A and Gate E on all levels. There’s a room for nursing mothers to feed or pump in Suite 128 on the upper level. Passes to the mother’s room, along with directions, are available at all guest services locations.


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The main team store is located across from Sections 141-142 on the main concourse. It features a wide selection of T-shirts, jerseys, hats, accessories and collectibles. Smaller stores and stands selling Commanders merchandise can be found throughout the stadium.

Accessibility information

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Accessible seating and parking are available. To request accessibility assistance, fans may email or call 301-276-6050. Assisted listening devices are available at guest services locations, and closed captioning for all in-stadium announcements is displayed on the ribbon boards on both sides of the field. More information about FedEx Field’s accessibility is available here.

Other essential information

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  • The FedEx Field section of the Commanders app features a searchable virtual map of concessions, gates and amenities.
  • Self-service ticket scanning pedestals have been added to the team’s four main gates in an effort to expedite entry into the stadium.
  • A limited number of standing-room-only tickets are available through the team for certain games, providing one of the cheapest ways into the stadium. Fans with standing-room-only tickets can try to grab a spot on the main concourse overlooking either end zone, or head for the more spacious standing-room-only decks above Sections 410-418 and 437-445 in the upper level.
  • Portable phone chargers are available for a nominal fee at charging stations outside all guest services locations.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the seating bowls, main concourse, Legends Plaza, portals, tunnels, Gate A ramp or restrooms of FedEx Field. Smoking is permitted on outside ramps and the exterior of the upper concourse, as well as the smoking decks located outside the club level at E Tower.
  • Fans are encouraged to be in their seats 20 minutes before kickoff for a reimagined pregame presentation.
The complete guide to FedEx Field (2024)
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