The Man Behind the Legend: Who Really Is Chet Larson? (2024)

Chet Larson is an esteemed figure worldwide. Thanks to his hard work and devotion, he has attained global renown. After beginning at the bottom, Chet has since become one of the richest individuals worldwide.

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At Merlyn’s request, Doug owns and runs a farm owned by Merlyn’s grandson Doug and Randy – providing them with additional sources of income.

He is a farmer

Chet Larson is a fifth-generation farmer from Minnesota. His popular YouTube channel chronicles daily farm life on their Minnesotan farm, including activities such as planting and harvesting crops. With over 383,000 subscribers and earning advertising revenue through their videos displayed ads displayed, Chet has built quite an audience on YouTube.

His family farm covers 6,500 acres and annually produces an average of almost 875,000 bushels of corn as well as 150,000 bushels of soybeans. They use hospital-grade equipment to take ultrasound images of their ribeyes for further quality assurance – creating some of the finest meat in Texas.

Larson has long been an outspoken champion for rural communities, winning the Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge Grand Prize in 2020. His videos have garnered over 100 million views; he’s won numerous awards and nominations; more recently he announced his engagement to Jean, whom he met during high school and has an affinity for farming.

He is married

Chet Larson is a successful YouTuber and farmer who has amassed over 354k subscribers since uploading videos about their family farm to the platform. Notably, these videos have garnered several honorable accolades as a result.

He is a man with an expansive family, who finds great fulfillment working on his farm. After being employed on it for so long, he knows exactly how everything operates – making him an amazing role model for young people all over. Over time he has become well known worldwide.

Larson Farms in Correll, Minnesota covers 5,650 acres with corn and soybean farms that are managed by a fifth-generation family, from ditching to excavation to farming.

Growers at this farm specialize in a wide array of soybeans and corn varieties. In business for more than six decades, their operations still continue today as they provide quality products to customers worldwide.

He has a YouTube channel

Chet has amassed 382,000 subscribers who watch his videos with great pleasure, as well as selling Larson Farms merchandise – another way of earning extra cash for himself and the farm.

Academically, he has also excelled. Starting college courses while still in high school and eventually earning a professional degree was a significant step that has paid dividends over time.

Chet owns and operates a family farm in West Central Minnesota where he cultivates crops such as corn and soybeans, all belonging to multiple generations. Now run as a family business by his offspring who all carry his surname. Chet also maintains an active social media presence to engage with his target audience – recently posting an upgrade video of his S790 combine that was watched over one million times on YouTube alone!

He has a net worth

Chet Larson and his family farm, Larson Farms, boast a net worth of $700,000. This figure can largely be attributed to their farm and YouTube channel which generates income through ads. Furthermore, Chet has other sources of income such as brand deals and sponsorships which contributes significantly.

Chet and his family are best known on YouTube as the Larson Farms gang, creating and uploading two to three videos every week, the most watched video being “The Tracks Are on the S790 Combine,” which has amassed over 1.4 Million views since it first posted.

Ada, Minnesota is home to the Farmer family’s 5,650-acre farm where they cultivate wheat and soybeans; raise pigs and chickens on hospital-grade equipment in a barn; also employ Merlyn, Doug, Randy (Doug’s brother and Chet’s uncle) Ray Ray; additionally they have one full-time hired man on staff.

Chet Larson and Larson Farms Overview

ProfessionFarmer and YouTuber
YouTube SubscribersOver 382,000 subscribers
Farm Details5,650-acre farm in Correll, Minnesota, with corn and soybean crops
Net Worth$700,000
AwardsRural Entrepreneurship Challenge Grand Prize in 2020


Chet Larson is a fifth-generation farmer and successful YouTuber, known for his engaging videos about daily farm life on Larson Farms. He has a substantial online following, a family farm spanning 5,650 acres, and a net worth of $700,000. Chet’s dedication to farming and his active social media presence have earned him awards and accolades, making him a role model for young individuals interested in agriculture.

The Man Behind the Legend: Who Really Is Chet Larson? (2024)
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