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The United Center currently serves as the home arena for the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. There are certain policies and procedures you will want to be aware of beforehand, as well as arena gate and parking lot locations for easy entrance.

In this article we will discuss:

  • What to bring to the United Center for a Game
  • Can You Buy Tickets at the United Center?
  • United Center Gate Information
  • How to Park at the United Center
  • Does the United Center Take Cash?

What to Bring to the United Center for a Game

If you are going to an NBA or NHL game, planning ahead is always important. Below is a list of things you might need to bring, and you will want to make sure you are complying with any security protocols the stadium has:

  • Stadium Approved Bag – If you have a bag, make sure it is approved. Most types of bags are not approved. There are exceptions for small bags that meet certain size requirements, and there are also exceptions for certain types of medical and parental bags. This is where you can read more about approved bags for the United Center.
  • Reserved Parking – Purchasing a parking pass in advance can help reduce hassle on gameday. However, there are parking options near the arena that allow you to pay on site. This is where you can learn more about parking options.
  • Cashless Payment – United Center does not accept cash inside the arena, so you will need to bring an alternate form of payment.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones – Stadiums can get very loud, and noise-canceling headphones may be needed.

United Center Center Ticket Information

Tickets can be purchased online by visiting the United Center ticket page (click here). If the event is sold-out, you will need to use online ticket brokers like Ticketmaster, StubHub, or Vivid Seats to purchase tickets.

The main ticket office at the United Center is located inside the Atrium that connects to the east side of the arena (near the intersection of Madison and Wood). This is what the box office looks like inside the United Center Atrium.

To learn more about each team, visit our ticket resources linked below:

  • Chicago Bulls Ticket Guide
  • How to Buy Bulls Tickets at the Arena

United Center Mobile Tickets

As of this year, the United Center uses digital, mobile tickets for most events. If you do not have a smartphone, it would be best to contact the ticket office and let them advise you on how to proceed. This is where you can view the contact information for the United Center.

If you use digital tickets, be sure to have your phone fully charged when you leave for the game. It’s also important to download your tickets in advance of the game (if possible) in case there is limited cellular service in the vicinity of arena.

This is where you can learn more about United Center Mobile Tickets.

United Center Gate Information

The United Center has several public gates around the exterior of the stadium. Below we have listed the location of some of the most popular public entry points (click on the gate to learn more).

  • Gate 2 – north side
  • Gate 3 – north side
  • Gate 4 – east inside Atrium
  • Gate 6 – south side
  • Gate 7 – south side

To read more about United Center Gates (including VIP entry points), visit our United Center Gate Guide.

How to Park at the United Center

When you park at United Center, you have two basic options:

  • Pre-purchase a parking pass.
  • Drive up and pay for parking on site.

Purchasing a parking pass in advance is always helpful and can reduce the hassle of paying on site. Parking passes can be purchased through the United Center parking page by clicking here (they partner with SpotHero) or you can use online ticket brokers like Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Vivid Seats.

If you choose to pay on site, the good news is there are general parking lots located on all sides of the arena, which means you don’t need to worry so much about what direction you come in from. Something that is very convenient about United Center parking is even the general parking lots are within a short 5-7 minute walk of the arena.

There are two main VIP parking lots for suite holders (one located north of the arena, and one located south). The two VIP Parking Lots are Lot C and Lot K. These passes are distributed to premium seating members, but you can often find these VIP parking passes available on ticket broker platforms for resale (like StubHub and Vivid Seats).

To read more, visit our parking guides listed below:

  • Chicago Bulls Parking
  • Chicago Blackhawks Parking

Does the United Center Accept Cash Inside the Arena?

As of this year, the United Center does not accept cash inside the arena.

This website (sportsfanfocus.com) has no affiliation with the United Center, the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Blackhawks, the NBA, the NHL, or any of the events hosted at this facility.

Any information is provided “as is” with no guarantee of completeness, meaning much of this information is subject to change, and although we do our best to keep these guides updated, we can’t guarantee accuracy at all times. For all official information, we urge you to contact United Center staff. Contact information is below:

What to Know Before Visiting the United Center in Chicago | Sports Fan Focus (2024)
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